Sunday, 1 June 2014

Sigma Brush Review UK

Sigma brushes are one of the most talked about in the beauty world and when my mum asked what I would like for Christmas these were top of my list.

Watching American You Tuber's (especially Jaclyn Hill)  I forever strive for the perfect blended smokey eye and perfectly applied blush so I did some investigation and picked my brushes.

I went for:

F40 - Large angled contour brush $19 (Approx £12) -
E40 - tapered blending brush $14 (Approx £8.50) -
E45 - small tapered blending brush $12 (Approx £7.50) -
E30 - pencil brush $12 (Approx £7.50) -

When they arrived I was so happy, the quality and feel of them is lovely.  I like the black chunky handles and silver trim.  They feel well structured.

I was also gifted a travel E25 which is perfect for in my handbag for on the go touch ups.

F40 - Large angled contour brush

In a bid to “try” and contour I picked up this brush but when it arrived I thought it would make the perfect blush brush instead.  I own a few other blush brushes but I feel they are too big for my face and instead of sweeping my cheeks gracefully they splodge blush over half my face, not a good look!  This is the perfect brush as the angle ensures a smooth precise application on my cheekbones and if I wish to blend it slightly upwards I can just turn the brush and it does it perfectly.  The bristles are so soft and when washed it comes back to its perfect new state.

E30 - pencil brush

Jaclyn Hill (who by the way is my makeup GOD!) always has the most perfectly blended bottom lash line which in my eyes is a lot harder to do that you would think.  A brush that is so big will just splodge a big load of colour on your lash line and when going for a subtle soft smokey look this is not ideal.  This brush applies colour to your bottom lash line to perfection.  It’s stiff enough to be precise but has a little bit of moment should you want to buff it out for that perfect smokey effect.

E45 - small tapered blending brush

This was my game changer.  As mentioned with the E40 and MAC 217, I just don’t feel for me that MAC 217 does what I think it should and when I spotted this I thought it was exactly what I was looking for.  This is so precise it applies colour straight into your crease or outer edge faultlessly.  Especially when working with brighter colours, like purple for example, that is not the kind of colour you can just slap into your crease, it needs time and precision and this brush does it with ease.  I'm always practicing my eye makeup and this brush has helped me so much.

E40 - tapered blending brush

I currently own MAC 217 and while it’s a great brush I do feel like I was wanted something more.  Step in the tapered blending brush.  This is a bigger fluffier version of MAC 217 and ensure perfect blended edges.  I find the 217 better for applying colour straight into the crease and then this E40 just swoops in and blends blends blends! 

I am so impressed with Sigma brushes and hope to pick up more the next chance I get.  I haven't tried to many diferent brands of brushes but I know that they are now my go to and always deliver so big thumbs up!

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  1. These brushes look gorgeous, I've had them on my wishlist for ages, I can't wait to finally get some! :)

    1. they are worth it, such amazing brushes x

  2. These brushes look gorgeous, I've had them on my wishlist for ages, I can't wait to finally get some! :)