Thursday, 1 May 2014

Klorane Shampoo for Oil Control

Klorane Nettle Shampoo Oily Hair

I am blessed with oily roots and dry ends, being blonde has its downsides.  Escentual put out a tweet a while ago asking for people with oily hair to get in touch to be in with a chance to review Klorane, an oil control shampoo with nettle.  I was delighted to be accepted and be able to try this as anything that claims to control this oil is a winner in my eyes. 

First you will notice the packaging, it's not your standard pretty offering but I still like it.  Sometimes products can look fancy and pretty in the packaging and then inside is a let down so with this I feel you know it will be a good product.  I often find that things that are "ugly" are more effective, you know when you take medicine and it is absolutely disgusting but that one always works the best? That's the way I feel about this.  Looking at this strong green colour you just know it's been designed for the purpose and is not a gimmick.

This is described as;

Detox your scalp with the Klorane Nettle Shampoo, a deeply cleansing formula for those prone to oiliness.

This gentle, effective treatment shampoo gives you more time between washes, working to regularise the amount of oil your scalp produces while slowing its spread throughout the hair. The star ingredient of the shampoo is scopoletine, an extract from nettle, which restores balance to the scalp.

Hypoallergenic and extremely mild, the Nettle Shampoo enhances volume and detangles for soft and bouncy hair that lasts. After sustained use, oil secretion is regularised, enabling you to wash your hair less frequently.

Apply to wet hair, massage in, and then rinse away thoroughly. Follow with your usual 

I currently get 1-1.5 days of nice perfect non oily hair normally and with this it did extend the need of dry shampoo to 2-2.5 days.  I say half day as if I wash my hair at night, on the 2nd day around lunch time I look in the mirror and am shocked at the difference from the morning.  Surprisingly this gives me a some volume and thankfully doesn't leave me with hair stuck to my head yay!!  

This shampoo is now a regular favourite in my stash especially if I have plans and want nice fresh hair longer than the standard offering.  I tend to use it once/twice a week and not every wash, as I personally find when I stick with one shampoo after about 3 washes the effects fade and I don't get the same results.

For £6 I think this is a great product and in the range they also do a dry shampoo that I am keen to try.  Klorane actually produce a whole range of products, not just for oily hair.  Developing hair care for over 30 years, ranges include; Blonde Hair, Colour Protection, Dry Hair, Fine Hair etc etc.  You can view all the Klorane range here.


  1. Ouuuu! I'm really interested in trying this brand in general! Very cheap considering it seems to work.
    LFA xx

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  3. i have dandruff and oily< hair.which best shampoo i used.please give me solution