Monday, 31 March 2014

Diet Chef - Week 4 Update and Final Thoughts

So week 4 is here!  I am a little sad to be finishing the plan and now seeing an empty fridge.  Having the option to pick what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner did have its huge positives but I must save just after week 3 finished I did really start to miss cooking.  As mentioned previously I am an organised person and when time permits I love to write out my shopping lists and plan my week of meals but when the week is packed full then this is when Diet Chef played a huge part in me staying on track.  Up to week 3 my weeks were crazy busy and I was out the house 5 nights out of 7 so Diet Chef really came into its own.  Week 4 on the other hand was really quiet so on some nights I did miss cooking a nice meal and on the Sunday making a nice big roast dinner.  The plan does come with a handy little guide of recipes to cook at home should you wish to cook and I did cook a stir fry one night after the gym and it did feel nice to mix it up a bit.

  • Chocolate or Vanilla Flavour Protein Bar - Another new addition to our range, this milk chocolate covered chocolate flavour bar has little crispy protein pieces which adds a little crunch. It's truly delicious as well as very filling, and not like a lot of other protein bars. All our protein bars provide around a third of your recommended intake of essential vitamins and minerals.  These were amazing for a quick snack for lunch when I was busy and the taste great, bonus!!  When I tried them I was surprised at how nice they were, even my hubby had a sneaky bite and loved them.  They were really filling and did the trick when I was mad busy.

  • Tuna Rigatoni A delicious blend of firm pasta tubes coated in a rich, tasty tomato base with tuna, red and green peppers and sweet corn with subtle hints of garlic and basil.  I love tuna and don't usually eat it in pasta with tomato based sauces so was hoping for something extra tasty and it was really lovely.  The pasta (as I expected) was very soft but the full dish was comfort in a bowl.

  • Vegetarian Korma - Packed full of chunky soya pieces with creamy coconut and delicate korma spices this is  a fantastic, balanced meal.  Having tried the chicken korma before and loving it the sauce wasn't anything I was worried about, it was the soya pieces but I needn't do as I couldn't  believe this wasn't chicken, it had an identical texture to chicken and was really filling, as mentioned previously Diet Chef and curries get a big tick from me! 

Chocolate Breakfast Cookie - I mentioned this previously and noted that I wanted to also try it in the microwave for 10 seconds so this is what I did and boy was it good! Was like a hot gooey cookie from the oven, nothing at all like breakfast! 

Overall on Diet Chef I lost a few pounds and my body fat went down but I know I lost inches as my work trousers are less snug now and a bit more forgiving.  I like this approach better than lbs lost as it feel more real, weight can fluctuate daily so you can never be certain the scales are correct so when your clothes feel loose and you feel more confident then I can't complain.  Thank you to the Diet Chef team for allowing me to try their plan for a month, I really enjoyed it.  I now miss my full fridge of goodies!  Also, don't forget to sign up to their website as they often do deals on subscriptions and also Amazon local deals often so special offers so you can try for a cheaper price.

*pr samples*


  1. I look losing weight is all about how you look rather than what it says on the scales! :)
    I'm glad it worked for you :)

  2. This was really interesting to read all about Diet Chef! It seems that it's good for people with busy lives or not much chance to cook! xx