Monday, 31 March 2014

Diet Chef - Week 4 Update and Final Thoughts

So week 4 is here!  I am a little sad to be finishing the plan and now seeing an empty fridge.  Having the option to pick what I wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner did have its huge positives but I must save just after week 3 finished I did really start to miss cooking.  As mentioned previously I am an organised person and when time permits I love to write out my shopping lists and plan my week of meals but when the week is packed full then this is when Diet Chef played a huge part in me staying on track.  Up to week 3 my weeks were crazy busy and I was out the house 5 nights out of 7 so Diet Chef really came into its own.  Week 4 on the other hand was really quiet so on some nights I did miss cooking a nice meal and on the Sunday making a nice big roast dinner.  The plan does come with a handy little guide of recipes to cook at home should you wish to cook and I did cook a stir fry one night after the gym and it did feel nice to mix it up a bit.