Friday, 21 February 2014

Diet Chef - Week 2 Update

Week 2 is here!


This week I did start to repeat some of the thing's I ate last week so these are the new items I have ate this week

  • Treacle & Pecan Granola An amazing flavour combination of rolled oats, coconut and pecan nuts, bound with rich black treacle, with the addition of golden linseeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds… toasted to perfection in the oven for a truly enjoyable breakfast. This is so delicious, love the sunflower and pumpkin seeds and the treacle adds some nice sweetness.  I has this with cherry yogurt was so good.
  • Diet Chef Chocolate Granola - A slightly more indulgent breakfast of rolled oats, coconut, almonds, cashew, hazelnuts and walnuts coated in melted Belgium chocolate and cocoa. Flavoured with a hint of Vanilla, some Golden linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for good measure… all toasted in the oven for a real chocolate hit.  This week I had this with raspberry yogurt, was really nice, and who doesn't love chocolate and raspberry.  Thumbs up!
  • Chocolate Soft Cookie - Ideal for breakfast on the go, this bar is just chocolate Heaven! Made with rolled oats, cocoa butter and real chocolate chips, the addition of currants and desiccated coconut is a great balance of flavour, but in no way overpowers the pure chocolate flavour.  Why not try: heat for 10 seconds in the microwave for a really intense chocolate boost!  Perfect for on the go, this was a nice treat for my rushing about I have no time to eat breakfast! Not tried it in the microwave yet so will giving that a go next time.


  • Tomato, Pepper, Cheese Pasta PotInstant fusilli pasta, bound in a delicious tomato, red pepper and cheese flavoured sauce, delicately enhanced with basil and parsley. A great balance of flavours to make even an Italian Grandmother smile! Serve on its own, or accompanied by a crisp, green salad with lemon juice and a splash of olive oil.  I really liked this, the portion initially looked really small but even without a salad it did fill me up until my dinner.  It states that it has cheese in it but I couldn't taste it, I do think it was melted into the sauce to give a thicker consistency.  
  • Lentil & Vegetable SoupThis soup is a firm favourite soup with our customers. A very chunky and thick soup with a base of lentils and packed to the brim with carrots, potato, and parsnips, the addition of chick peas providing an extra creaminess, fullness and great texture. Lentil soup is a firm favourite of mine and it a true scottish classic.  I have tried many different brands of tinned and never liked them so I was expecting something a bit different from Diet Chef.  This was a nice variation on the classic, not as good as homemade but still lovely and with chickpeas added it was a nice change.
  • Curried Parsnip Soup - The creamy individual taste of the parsnip mixed with the delicate spices of the curry just works so well. A very filling soup and for good measure made a bit naughty by the addition of double cream - how do we do it!  A nice thicker soup it was a good choice, I think I ordered about 8 of these so good thing I enjoyed it.  The curry flavour is delicate , not to overpowering but you know me and spice, I like a lot of it to the next time I made this I will add in a bit more curry powder to give it a better kick, this is just my own personal choice though.

  • Chicken Korma - Another favourite curry with our customers, this is a very mild spiced curry but still packed with flavour. Tender strips of chicken in a coconut base with the addition of a little rice for body. Nicely balanced spices like ginger, garlic, garam masala, cumin and a little coriander help this very fragrant flavour which lends itself to very easy eating.  Another curry hitting the mark.  This was thick and creamy and what I expect a Korma to taste like so a winner for me.  Really loving the indian and chinese range from Diet Chef.
  • Red Thai Chicken Curry - A great blend of favourite Thai flavours in this dish. Strips of chicken breast cooked in creamy coconut and double cream with a little rice, red peppers, carrots and sweet corn. Flavoured with green Thai curry paste and subtly spiced with lemon grass, red chillies, ginger, coriander and lime….perfectly balanced as Thai flavours should be.  This had the standard thai taste but it is not usually something I pick so I enjoyed it but not my first choice when choosing again.  Was nice to try it and it did taste good just not a dish I would normally pick.
  • Chicken in Black Bean Sauce - This dish is a taste of takeaway heaven but without the guilt! Tender pieces of succulent Chicken breast drenched in a moreish rich deep flavoured black bean sauce, with the addition of green peppers and crisp water chestnuts. You never need to miss out on Chinese food ever again.  I had this with some rice noodles and it was fantastic, really tasty, full of flavour and an option I would pick any day over a takeaway.  Loved every bit of it!

I ate the same snacks that I did last week but I do have a few more new options to try so more next week.

So week 2 is finished and I am still loving the plan.  I had a restaurant menu review this week which dented the plan a bit but the next day I got back up and started again.  I also had a big family dinner so opted for fruit for starter, meat and veg for main and then cheesecake for pudding.  I have another one next week so again I will be careful and not go mad! Promise!! 

My weight loss this week was 1.2lbs and 2% fat loss, great result since I ate out twice, very happy girl indeed!! I haven't took my inches but can feel a different in my clothes, especially my work trousers.

Looking forward to seeing my results next week. 

*this post contains PR samples*


  1. I honestly think the food you get in this plan looks so delicious!! Makes me hungry just looking at your pictures haha.


  2. Mmm those dinners look really good! Nice that you still went out for a couple dinners too ;) and ah yes, isn't it so nice when your clothes just feel a bit more, comfortable? :) (Especially work pants haha!)

    Cachoo Joo

  3. Always umm'ed and aahhh'ed about trying Diet Chef as was worried about portion sizes but it looks like you get a decent amount. I'm so tempted to try it for myself! Keep up the good work! xx

  4. This looks so good especially the breakfasts! Xx