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Diet Chef - Week 1 Update

I started Diet chef on Thursday 30th January and in the past week I have ate a whole array of different foods.  

In the first week I have ate 28 items from Diet Chef such as;


  • Diet Chef Strawberry Porridge - Simply rolled oats, with golden linseeds, sweetened by Demerara sugar with the addition of freeze dried strawberry pieces full of flavour.  I had this with semi skimmed milk and some cherries.   I am not a huge fan of strawberries but ordered this to try and see if I would like it.  I did really like it, I know with some cereals that have dried fruit in them they can taste like cardboard but in the hot milk these plumped up and it was a lovely breakfast.
  • Diet Chef Chocolate GranolaA slightly more indulgent breakfast of rolled oats, coconut, almonds, cashew, hazelnuts and walnuts coated in melted Belgium chocolate and cocoa. Flavoured with a hint of Vanilla, some Golden linseeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for good measure… all toasted in the oven for a real chocolate hit.  I had this with both milk and yogurt and it was delicious.  I had only ever eaten granola a few times in the past but I will now be adding it to my breakfast menu.
  • Diet Chef Cocao Nib PorridgeRolled oats sweetened with a little Demerara sugar, scattered with cocoa nibs - the purest form of chocolate!  The serving suggestion on the site is to be topped with Nutella and I love Nutella so you don't need to tell me twice! Oh my this is a gorgeous breakfast, I've been having this at the weekend and it doesn't feel like a "diet" breakfast.
  • Diet Chef Original Mueslie BarThis very filling breakfast is jam packed with oat flakes, sultanas and chunks of tangy pineapple, bound together with golden syrup and honey, with the addition of pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, almonds and coconut.  On a day when I had a few errands to run this was the perfect start to the day.  I am actually very surprised by how much I liked this, some bar's can be like cardboard and tasteless but this was the opposite, the golden syrup and honey ensured it was sweet and the added fruit and seeds made for a perfect on the go start.
Overall thoughts on my breakfasts for the week
I really enjoyed all my options, wasn't anything I didn't enjoy.  At first I thought the portions seemed small but the porridge is 40g which is standard size and then with milk added it is very filling.  Very happy with the choice and variety so far.


  • Diet Chef Chicken and Thyme SoupThis fits the bill perfectly if you are looking for a slightly lighter soup for lunchtime. A delicate chicken stock, enriched with single cream with pieces of tender chicken and finished with a hint of thyme. Not too fancy just a nice, clean flavour.  I love chicken soup and with thyme added I was excited to try this.  It was tasty and comforting, everything you expect from chicken soup.
  • Diet Chef Chilli & Parsnip SoupA warming blend of creamy parsnips with the subtle flavours of cumin, coriander, turmeric finished with a kick of chilli and a splash of single cream for an added smoothness to the taste.  Anything with chilli and i'm on it! Love chilli and I don't eat parsnip that much so thought this combination sounded great.  I really enjoy this soup but didn't feel for me like it has enough of a chilli kick.  For someone who doesn't like chilli heat then this would be fine for them but since I am a chilli lover it doesn't pack the punch I am looking for.
  • Diet Chef Minestrone Soup - A true taste of pure Italian perfection. Starting with a great flavoured tomato base, well balanced and lightly flavoured with garlic, basil and oregano, packed with carrots, potatoes, courgettes and red peppers, with al dente pasta for a perfect warming and full of flavour lunch.  I don't often pick Minestrone soup but picked this to see what it was like.  I was really nice and a change from the blended soups as this is chunky.
  • Diet Chef Carrot and Corriander Soup - There may be many variations of this classic soup, but ours is definitely one of the best! The secret is purely sweet carrots, garlic and onions, using a little coriander and fragrant coriander seeds freshly crushed. All finished off with double cream for pure creaminess and packed with fragrant flavour every spoonful.  This is a tasty soup, really enjoyed it.  It was full of flavour.

Overall thoughts on my lunch for the week
I really love soup and since it's winter and cold then having it every day is normal to me, especially during the week but eating it for lunch 7 days I think would end up being a little repetitive.  I picked pasta pots and protein bars also though so hopefully they keep me going.  Thinking on the days I have the gym I will eat my dinner for lunch and soup for my dinner after the gym which should switch it up a bit.  I know it's hard to keep the calories down and soup is usually the lowest option so not sure if some more lunch ideas could be popped in there, just for a little change?  I do love soup though.


  • Diet Chef Chicken Curry - An aromatic chicken curry with potatoes, made using an authentic blend of herbs and spices.  I had this last Friday night and it was soooooo good! We usually have a takeaway on a Friday night so I opted for this as my fakeaway and it was so nice.  Full of flavour and lots of chicken with some little bits of potato.  As I wanted to try most of the meals on offer I only ordered 1 of these, big time error!! Having this for the next 4 Friday's as my fakeaway would have been nice.
  • Diet Chef Chicken Tikka Masala - Authentically prepared chicken breast pieces in a lightly spiced tomato sauce.  Seems like curry's are Diet Chef's strong point.  This also was sooooo good!  Was so tasty, I could have ate it all blindfolded and would have no idea that it was "diet".  The sauce was thick and creamy and again had plenty of chicken that was really soft, it melted when I picked it up with a fork.
  • Diet Chef Chilli Con Carne - A fantastic tasting and filling dinner option. Packed full of beef, creamy filling kidney beans coated in a lightly chilli spiced tomato sauce with red and green peppers. Definitely one of my favourite meals from our range.  I am a bit of a Chilli Con Carne snob I must say, I rate places on the greatness of their chilli.  People think Chilli is really easy to make but infact it's not, so many time's I've eaten watery, flavourless options so I was a little nervous when first trying Diet Chef's option but I must say it was amazing.  When I eat Chilli I put loads and loads of chilli flakes into it so it's super fiery but with this I didn't need to as it was just so full of flavour. It was thick, tasty and as you can see the portion was really big. 
  • Diet Chef Vegetable Curry - A fantastic deep flavoured and very filling dish! A Balti style curry packed full of chunky potato, carrots, peas, celery and green beans, cooked in creamy tasting well balanced spices with a little heat and notes of coriander. Perfect and not just for vegetarians!  Anyone who doesn't understand a dish without meat needs to try this.  It's so packed full of flavour that you wouldn't even miss the meat!  I've not eaten a balti style curry for years and I don't know why because this has re-ignited my love for it.
Overall thoughts on my dinner for the week
I have really enjoyed all the dinner apart from 1 dish, the meat lasagne.  I've ate "diet" lasagne's many times before some good some bad but this to me had a strange taste, I ate it all but the flavour didn't agree with me.  So apart from the lasagne I just loved every other dinner i've ate.  As you can see the portions are really big and I have been serving mine with either rice or noodles and veg.  For convenience I have been adding the birds eye steam veg packs and for 50 calories they are an easy way to add veg to your meal without chopping and cooking.  With the vegetable curry I had a little portion of egg noodles and lots of veg, it was really good.  The variety of the dinners have been great, there are still so many choices I've not even tried yet, and being able to pick what I want at night is a treat I could get used to!


  • Diet Chef Cheese and Onion Bakes - It's a fact – this is our bestselling snack and easy to see why. These really crisp snacks are baked to perfection with a classic cheese and onion flavour. Truly are a great snack and a must in your hamper.  These are a bit like little crackers but don't be thinking that they are bland.  They are full of flavour and really tasty, could have ate a few more bags, very nice.
  • Diet Chef Oat Bar with Chocolate A devilishly deep flavoured oat and crisped rice bar, bound together in chocolate and cocoa powder for a real chocolate hit in every chewy mouthful. Pure chocolate heaven and under 100 calories!  For a little chocolate hit this was perfect, it's not overly chocolate just a nice balance.  
  • Diet Chef Oat Bar with Strawberry & Apple - Deep flavoured oat and crisped rice bar, with summery flavours of dried strawberry and apple pieces.  I picked up a few of these to try but I wasn't sure how they would be, I would never pick up any cereal bar or anything with apple or strawberry in it but I was proven very wrong when I tried this.  It was really nice and chewy and just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Diet Chef Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits - A double helping in each pack of these crisp wholegrain oat biscuits with real dark chocolate chips. Perfect with a cup of tea and maybe a little dunk.  Being oat based I was expecting the taste of oats to take over but it doesn't the chocolate shines through.  Having 2 biscuits as a snack is amazing and eating these with a cup of tea I didn't feel like they were diet treats.
Overall thoughts on my snacks for the week
Again, loved all the snack options, great variety from popcorn, bakes, biscuits and cereal bars.  

So after a week of diet chef I have been loving it!  And I lost 2lbs and 3% body fat, so a big Yay!!

*this post contains pr samples*

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