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Diet Chef | The Plan | How it Works

Diet Chef Plan*
According to the daily mail, the average woman spends 31 years on a diet (taken from Daily Mail website).  I know that being around woman and being one myself it does seem like everyone is always on a diet of some kind.  We all have our downfalls and weakness and whenever the latest “diet” is announced most (including myself) jump on the bandwagon to see if we can get the “quick” results they promise, but more often than not we are left disappointed.  Starting a new diet is fine, as long as you then stick to it and adapt it to your lifestyle.  When we do a diet for a month, we lose a bit of weight, be happy and then stop following any sort of plan, go back to our old ways and before you know 2 months later, we are right back where we started and sometimes worse off!  For me my downfall is time and food, I’m not that into cakes, biscuits, chocolates, I would much rather eat a bigger portion of food, sometimes being the wrong type.  I love food so much, I think 24/7 about it (hubby is forever telling me off for it!) So since these 2 things are my downfall Diet Chef is the perfect plan and opportunity to start to eat nice food, be satisfied, have portion control and not have to cook?!!?!  Yes, you read that right, NO COOKING!!!  I absolutely love planning my shopping list and cooking, I will happily spend 4 hours on a Sunday making the weeks meals so that they are all ready and waiting and don’t need much effort after work.  I know you are now thinking why would I then want to do diet chef?  Well, this plan is all great and good when I have the time, but as with all of us with busy life’s, most of the time this is not an option so on week when I am extremely busy my lovely plan goes out the window and this results in me either spending hours after working trying to cook a delicious nutritious meal or throw something not that great for you in the oven.  Then along comes diet chef……ta daaa……. It takes all the guess work out of measuring your food and calculating the calories.  

So what is Diet Chef?  Let them tell you about what they’re all about;

The idea
Wouldn’t it be simpler to lose weight if you had someone to prepare your food, control your portion size and count your calories? Just like a celebrity’s personal chef.

About Diet Chef
I am originally a chef by training and incredibly passionate about food so it’s important to me that everything you eat on Diet Chef is delicious and healthy with no nasty ingredients.
I work with Alan our Executive chef to ensure you have a great range of food to choose from with lots of new dishes and innovations.
Diet Chef has grown a lot in the last 5 years and we are now the largest diet home delivery company with over 80,000 customers, it’s been a brilliant journey.

So now you know a little bit more about the company let me tell you what you get.  On the website you can view their plans, there is 8 week plan if you want to lose 1-2 stone £195 per month, 12 week plan if you want to lose more than 2 stone £180 per month and the 4 week plan if you have less than a stone to lose £245 per month.  Now I know these prices seem steep at first but if you properly think about it then I find them really good value.  I spend £70 a week on food for me and my hubby and most of it is for me.  He doesn't like anything fancy to eat but me buying myself nice fish, fruit and veg will make my food bill higher each month but since I love food I have no problem with that.  In each plan you are provided with 28 breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks, all vacuum packed, portioned and ready to be enjoyed.  The plan is 1200 calories a day but the meals themselves don’t add up to this, they really count for over half of this so all you do is add in some little extras, for example; if you picked the Cocoa Nib porridge which for 40g comes in at 164 calories, to this you could make it with water or milk and then add in a spoonful of nutella or low fat Greek yogurt.   All you do is ensure you are adding in your extra items so your calories are keeping less than 1200.  Lunch and dinner are the same, you are provided with the bulk of the meal and all you have to do is add in your little extras to complete your meal.  When I went on to pick my 28 days breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks I was absolutely blown away with the choices.  Be prepared to drooool over some of the choices, no real “typical diet” items here. On the site you can first view all the items with full list of ingredients, allergens, pictures and serving suggestions, this really is a great touch as you are then provided with all the information you require to pick exactly what you want. 

Some of the breakfast choices are; chocolate granola, now I know what you are thinking, chocolate for breakfast? Well, not being a huge chocolate fan, this granola is soooo tasty and isn’t just chocolate, it’s packed with oats, coconut, cashews, almonds, pumpkins seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, hazelnuts and walnuts! Phewww super food breakfast or what!  It is packed with lots of goodies so you definitely don’t feel like you are eating a diet product.Luxury muesli, apple & cinnamon granola, treacle & pecan granola and soft chocolate cookie to name but a few!

The lunches are mostly soups, but there are some added extras for those on the go moments like, milkshakes and protein bars.  You know what it’s like you have mad busy day ahead, you are going to be out the office all day and don’t know what lunch options are available so Diet Chef have also made this easy for you and provided these on the go options which are much better than a takeaway chip shop lunch.  On the days when you know you will be at your desk or will have time to eat a proper lunch their choices of soups are amazing, they have loads on there like, carrot and butterbean, ham and sweetcorn chowder and curried parsnip etc etc.
Dinners again, like before don’t disappoint, they offer some of your favourite meals in their handy pouches or sealed trays.  Again for days when you don’t even have any time to really cook dinner or add your extras they have pasta pots that just need boiled water added and pasta in sauce in a bag which in 3 minutes will be a delicious meal (always ensure though you are eating you 1200 calories a day) .  Some delish options for dinner are;  Beef meatballs, pasta carbonara, sausages in onion gravy, chicken in black bean sauce, chicken curry and tuna rigatoni etc etc. 

The snacks I felt were going to be a let down but again was a nice choice of different options for example bakes, biscuits, oat bars and popcorn.

So what do you get in the box?  There is 2 layers, top is breakfast, snacks and some lunches, and bottom is dinners and more lunches.  I expected a weekly delivery but all items for 28 days arrived at once.

When I went on to pick my meals, I really was spoilt for choice, there was so much to pick from and looking at the menu I didn't once feel like I was picking diet food or I was limiting myself.  My fridge and kitchen is now fully stocked for the month so i'm ready, set, go!!

There are two ways you can order, with diet chef direct or with QVC.  Diet Chef direct means you can pick all your items, you choose every one.  QVC sell made up selections of hampers and these are a bit cheaper and sometimes do them on special offer with monthly payments.  You can setup your hampers to be delivered automatically so you don’t need to worry about re-ordering.  

Diet Chef direct offer free deliver and mine was delivered in 3 days so not too long to wait.  QVC also offer packs of items that you can bulk buy on their own like, 14 protein bars for £22.50, 14 Day curry lovers hamper £47.  today while browsing noticed on QVC they sell a 5:2 day plan which means if you are doing the 5:2 diet then on your fasting days you don’t need to calorie count or portion this does it all for you, there are 8 days worth in the set for £36.50, I think this is a brilliant idea and takes all the guess work out of it.  You can view what QVC has to offer here. 

If you are still sceptical then have a look at the how it works section which you can view here and see what results can be.

I will be doing my first weekly update post in the next few days so look out for that!  #TEAMDIETCHEF

*this post contains PR sample*


  1. Good Luck!! :)


  2. I'm almost 4 weeks into the plan. It's going really well! Love the blog, hope it goes well for you :) x

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