Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cloud 9 Touch Straighteners

Cloud Nine Touch Straighteners £90

I had been after new straighteners for a while and in my salon they used Cloud Nine and I was told about how amazing they were and when leaving the salon my hair always felt super soft and silky and I know the talents of the hairdresser has a lot to do with this but my hair did feel different.  I had put them on my Christmas wishlist and since my mum reads my blog she bought me them yay!  

Let's get into the technical bit first; 

  • The worlds first fully automatic Iron, no on or off button
  • Unique Black Ceramic Plates with Added Shine 
  • Ergonomic swivel cord for ease of use and comfort
  • Snap the plates together to adjust temperature
  • Automatically detects when you have stopped styling and cools down, yet returns to full operating temperature after just one stroke of the hair

These are sleek and slimline in true Cloud Nine style.

So as the science bit shows these are a bit more high tech than your standard straightener.  When I first plugged them in I was searching for an on button or a switch of some sort but it doesn't have one.  Just click the plates together and they are on.  They heat up in a flash and if the 195C heat setting is too hot for you then just click 3 times (a bit like Dorothy!) and the temperature drops to 165C.  When you leave them down they turn off after about 60 seconds but as soon as you pick them up and start using them they heat instantly again so there is no time to be wasted.  My old straighteners only had one temperature which was around 220C and since my hair is blonde and really fine this wasn't great for my hair.  I have been using the Cloud Nine Touch on the 165C setting and it straighteners my hair perfectly well and does a lot less heat damage. 

The plates are really smooth and just glide through my hair, they make my hair feel so soft and not like a hot styling product has been used at all.  I have not yet tried to curl with them but I do plan on trying, emphasise on trying!  This scares me a little as I've never been good at this but armed with the best technology should give me a better helping hand?  Finger's crossed!

If you are after a new pair of straighteners these tick all the boxes, they often do deals and offers on them so keep your eyes peeled.

my mum purchased the mat and comb separately so these were not included in the purchase.  Amazon stock a few Cloud Nine products.


  1. Looks like a great product! The way the edges are designed makes it look like if you tried to curl with it, it would work out nicely! I love curling my hair with a straightener!

    Xo, Kelsey

  2. I probably need to get new straighteners I've had mine for 10 years haha :) I hope you're having a hood Saturday!

  3. I hear such good things about these! They sound great :) xx

  4. I've actually never heard of these but they sound lovely! They look so sleek and classic too

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  5. Just love the sound of these and I was torn between these and GHDS but went with GHDs at the end of the day :) kind of wish I went for these now but maybe next time ;) xx