Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas 2013

I love reading Christmas posts so thought I would do one of my own.  If you read any of the tags I did over Christmas then you know how much I love the festive season and spending it with family.  This year was no different yay!

Me and hubby opened our presents in the morning and I was overwhelmed with what hubby got me. Hush Puppy boots that I had picked out when we were shopping months ago, a naked basic palette, a new hairdryer and the best present of all time…. A Michael Kors Hamilton Bag!!!  I am so chuffed with it, it’s perfect.  It looks small but it has a few compartments inside and holds a lot. I tried the ipad in it and it fit perfectly.  

We then headed to mums which is what we do every year, in our jammies of course!   We open presents, have breakfast then head back home to get changed, use all our new products then back for Christmas dinner.

My mum and dad again spoiled us all so much.  Mum said we are all her babies so she likes to spoil us at Christmas and oh boy she does!

Once back at my mum’s some more of the family joined us for dinner then later on the rest of my family arrived including the star of the show baby Mia!  On my post last year I put in a picture of me and her and I can’t believe the change in her.  She is now getting a personality and starting to talk more and coming into her own.  

It was a usual family Christmas of food, fun and crazy times and I was taxi so I didn’t drink.  I made up for it at New Year though ;)

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  1. Sounds like a you had a lovely Christmas. I also got a Michael Kors bag from my boyfriend. x