Friday, 17 January 2014

Beauty Works Sleek Ponytail - Ways to Wear

Beauty Works Sleek Ponytail £24.99*
Hands up who can tell that I love Beauty Works!! I only discovered them a year ago and now own so many of their hairpieces.  They are my number 1 for quick fix glam hair.  The sleek ponytail is hair attached to a small net with clips and combs.

Today's post is how I wear my sleek ponytail.

In a bun

This was a last minute idea when I was attending a day time event and I still wanted to look glam but thought a full head of extensions was maybe a bit much.  So I put my pony in, put in a bun ring, wrapped the hair around it and then pinned in place.  The sleek ponytail comes with an additional strip of hair that is plaited so it creates a nice addition to the bum making it look more polished.  I then slightly ruffled it at the top to give more texture and I was really happy with the results.  

In a ponytail

I am still trying to get used to applying this as a ponytail and I haven’t quite figured it out yet but once I do I will let you know.  It's getting it to look seamless as possible and like a real ponytail that I am having trouble with.  I was happy with what I created here but I do need more practice to get it right. As I do with all my Beauty Works products I trimmed this as I felt the length was too long for me.

In a side pony

I did show a similar look when I used my double volume straight but by using the pony instead you can create more volume in your own hair at the roots and as this hair is thinner than the hairpiece this is perfect for a daytime look.  I really liked this look and will be wearing it more 

I wear shade 613/27 - Boho Blonde


  1. I really love the bun! Messy but elegant! Love it <3 xxx


  2. Ooh I really like the last one! So pretty :)