Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spending Ban Update #5 #6 #7

So week 7, how did that happen!  I am now 49 days in without spending anything on beauty as mummy has kindly been helping out as when I see something for Christmas she purchases it for me. 
The past 3 weeks have been fine, not really had much temptation to purchase anything beauty related thankfully. 
With me and Scott organising the Christmas party this has taken up most of my time.  For a couple of weeks now I’ve had my eye on the Too Faced a few of my favourite things palette as it just look sooooooo pretty so with money left over from mum I decided to purchase it since I seen Debenhams had it, I jumped straight on and purchased it.  You know when you get overly excited and buy something to regret it the minute you click purchase, this is what happened here.  I had bought into the hype and told myself I needed this palette.  This year I have acquired 6 palettes/quads and basically own every colour I need!  For Christmas I know I am getting a MAC quad with 2 shadows and also the Urban Decay naked basics palette so with my palette total being 8 in a year, as you see I really don’t need more.  Most of the shadows I currently own are frosty, shimmery and glitter so I do need some more matte’s but with 2 spaces left in my MAC quad I can add them in.
I did my Christmas wish list yesterday and I tried to think rationally and thought long and hard about what I actually need rather than want.  I didn’t put any beauty products on there as I have a few already for Christmas so don’t feel like I need anymore.
Today me and my sister are going to the Girls Day out Show which is an event to showcase brands and products, it features everything from makeup, skincare, teeth whitening, fashion, baking etc. to name a few!  So I usually see a few good bargains that I buy so this year I will only buy something if I really really really need it.  Well, that’s the plan!

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