Saturday, 2 November 2013

Spending Ban Update #3

Week 3 update of my spending ban.  As mentioned last week on Wednesday me and my sister attended an urban decay makeup lesson in Debenhams and the cost of the voucher was redeemable against products so I've had my eye on the naked basic palette for a while now and thought I would pick it up.  My husband paid for it so it is now tucked safely away for my Christmas boo! ha! The Vice 2 palette  looked amazing and the makeup looked we learned was using this but I was good and didn't pick it up.  I have a good few palettes now and don't need any more (well apart from a MAC one but that's different of course ha!)

This week I also went through my emails and had a bit of a clear out and unsubscribed from a good few.  I never read most of them so they just end up cluttering up my inbox so this should help in my quest to no spend.

Since my mum is having a Halloween party tonight I was going to buy new makeup to create my look but decided to just use what I have, I have more than enough to so thank you spending ban from saving me!  I did need new eyelashes as hubby hoovered up one of my red cherry lashes :( and all my other pairs seem to be missing a partner but I had Boots points so used them.


  1. I'm on a spending ban at the moment too. It's so difficult! I was so close to putting MAC cranberry in my basket and had to stop myself. :'(

    Holly ♥

    1. aww I know, it is really hard, keep sticking at it :)

  2. Well done on sticking to your plan babes. Using your Boots points is such a good idea. I often save mine to buy giftsets at Xmas. This year though we aren't doing xmas so the points will be used to buy myself something in the sale as a little treat.

    My ban is going well. Sometimes I feel like I've slipped but have to remember that the makeup and bits I'm buying isn't for me, it's for my kit. As a makeup artist it's hard not to buy everything in sight but I must say I have cut down on that side of things too.

    Wendy xo

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