Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Since December is almost upon us I thought a little Christmas wishlist would be nice.  You will notice there is no makeup on here.  My mum has already bought me makeup so these are just some other thing's I've had my eye on.

Cloud Nine Straighteners

I've had my GHD straighteners for about 8 years now and while they are still in perfect working order I just now fancy a new pair.  When I go to the hairdressers they use Cloud Nine and I love how smooth they are so been after these for a while.

GHD Air dryer

I currently use a mini travel size hairdryer and again they use this in the salon I attend and think it is really nice.

Nemo Mug

I really love tea these days, especially green or fruit tea so with this goes a nice mug.  I have a few nice mugs and when I seen this I thought I have to have it!

Minnie Mouse PJ's

I have always been a sucker for Pj's, I own about 30 different ones and last year my mother in law bought me 101 Dalmations Pj's and I just loved them so this year I have my eye on Minnie ones.

New Look Jacket

I really need a good smart jacket and while browsing online I spotted this and thought it was exactly what I am looking for.

Samsung Camera

Recently upgraded my blogging camera as my digital one just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore so I really need a new digital compact for nights out.  Read the reviews on this and surly packs a punch for the price.

Topshop Jumper

I spotted this on Tanya Burr and fell in love, gorgeous fluffy sparkly jumper this looks soo comfy

What's on your Christmas Wishlist?

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