Thursday, 31 October 2013

Introduction to Chobani - Dinner

On Tuesday night I was invited to a dinner with Chobani which is a new to the UK greek style high protein yogurt.  Held in the Corinthian Club Glasgow which is really a stunning venue I was really looking forward to what they had in store for us. 

When we arrived, we were guided to a gorgeous private dining room with funky blue lights, amazing artwork on the walls and a cocktail at the door.  After getting settled in Amy advised us that everything on tonight’s menu including the cocktail was created using Chobani and I did initially have a worry, a cocktail using yogurt?!? But ooh did it work and surprise me! Was a gorgeous cherry/raspberry flavour and went down a treat. 

Next Amy and Christine had a lovely chat with us about the brand and the story of the company. Contrary to popular belief Chobani isn’t American but in fact was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya who was Turkish living in America to study English and when he was unable to get his Chobani yogurt, he bought a plant in New York in 2005 and started Chobani.  Chobani in Persian means shepherd, a person who provides and doesn’t expect anything else in return.  This philosophy is proven by them providing 10% of their profits to charity.   
First up for starter for me was Chobani risotto with sun blushed tomatoes, spring onion, broad beans and parmesan – this light dish was a real surprise, it nice and creamy and I was worried it would be really sharp with the yogurt but instead it was mild, would never have thought using yogurt instead of cream in a dish like risotto.

Next I went for crisp Chobani polenta cake with roasted red peppers and rocket salad.  I am not the biggest lover of sour cream / mayonnaise so I was a little worried with a serving of plain yogurt arrived next to my polenta but was pleasantly surprised, I was adventurous and had a little with my polenta and I enjoyed it. 

For dessert I opted for the Chobani vanilla and honey cheesecake.  I am a hugeeeee  cheesecake lover and this was a lovely light end to our meal.  I have never tried a cheesecake made with yogurt before and I was really impressed and the fact that Chobani is 0% fat is a plus from me and since this pudding also contained fruit then I will just tell myself this is a totally guilt free pudding, who am I kidding ha!

                 Me, Christine , Amy, Jennifer , Melissa (photo from Jennifer)
Christine and Amy  (photo from Jennifer)
We were handed a Chobani gift bag which had some lovely recipe cards inside along with a chobani conversion fridge magnet for when you want to substitute oil, mayo etc for Chobani, great little addition for reference. 

Keep a look out next week as I will be making the cherry chocolate brownies from the recipe card!

Thanks very much to the girls of chobani for a great dinner and evening.


  1. Oh wow, I think this would be my dream event! Looks like a fabulous time was had

    Holly |

  2. That cheesecake looks so good ha x

  3. Wish I went for the cheesecake !! x

  4. Awhh great post! Uber happy that you enjoyed your evening with us! That cheesecake was soo good, really could do with that again - and of course you can convince yourself it's completely guilt free :P I do that all the time. We'll be keeping our eyes open for your post on the brownies - can't wait!
    See you soon!!


  5. looks lovely :) sweet blog