Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Baking and Decorations DIY

As you know I love myself a bit of Halloween but as with most things it can be expensive to purchase all the themed cakes and decorations so I thought I would show you how I made a centrepiece and a plate full of treats for little money.  Everything purchased here is from Morrisons.  I am no expert in baking and these clearly look homemade but that's what I like about them.

Clinging Spider Web | £1

Eye Balls | Glitter Spiders | Fingers | 3 for £2

Pumpkin Candles £2 each | 4 Tubes Icing £1.99

For the cake mix I took:
250g self raising flour | 20p
100g caster sugar | 14p
150ml milk | 20p
2 x medium eggs | 33p
125g butter | 50p

for buttercream:
butter 75g | 25p
icing sugar 100g | 40p

Cake Ball Icing:
 icing sugar 100g | 40p

Using a food processor I blended the butter and sugar together, then added both eggs, then the milk. Then mixed this into the flour.  I used my cake pop maker to make 12 pops and then using my baking tray, put the rest of the mixture using my baking tray.

First I used my cake pop maker (post here) to make the 12 pops.  I then took the icing sugar and mixed with a little water and coated the cooled pops in them.  Once dry I took the icing pens and decorated them like eyeballs.

For the rest of the cakes I did a little bit of everything.  I made the buttercream, piped onto the cakes and then used the decorations and icings to make all different toppings.  Designs I did are:

Boo - white buttercream and writing with the black icing
Spiders - white buttercream with the plastic spiders (they are not edible, for decoration purposes only)
Eye Ball - Scooped out the cake, covered in buttercream with one of the plastic eyeballs in the centre then the red icing round the edge
Finger - white buttercream mixed with a little black and red icing with a plastic finger on top

Once all the cakes are all gone you can use the decorations again.  I took a purple charger plate and put the spider web on it and then arranged the fingers, eyeballs, spiders and pumpkin candles, now I have a nice little centrepiece for my table!

Are you doing any Halloween baking this year?


  1. Those little eyeball cakes are amazing Paula! I didn't even realise they were cakes! We should make these for the party!

    Love the little pumpkin candles too they're so cute!

    Oh you're so talented ha <3 xx

  2. I love the pumpkin candles! Great blog post!