Wednesday, 23 October 2013

FABB Events Glasgow

A couple of weekends ago me and my sister attended the FABB Glasgow event hosted by the lovely Tor from thatspeachy and Ray from whoisshe.  FABB events were created by Tor and Ray to bring bloggers and brands together to network and interact together.  Apparently the Glasgow event was their biggest yet which doesn't surprise me.  Up in Scotland we get left out sometimes as most events are held down south and London so any event that comes to us we welcome with open arms!  Even lovely girls from Aberdeen came down for it.  Over the past year I have been for a fair few events and I probably only spotted around 10 familiar faces, was packed with people and a lot of new bloggers to events which is great!

Held in Merchant City Square in Glasgow we were treated to lots of lovely brands, lovely people and a great day.  The brands that I managed to chat to where;

Lush - The girls from the Buchanan street branch had a little stall of gorgeous treats including their newly released Christmas range.  Before starting a blog I was really intimidated by Lush as I had no idea where to start but now after reading so many amazing posts about the brand and products I feel much more comfortable about going in for a purchase or two!  Having the two girls there was great to chat and get to know more about the products on a more personal level so much so that I purchased one of their infamous lip scrubs but in the Christmas theme of Santa!  I did a blog post on this, you can view it here.  We were also provided with a goody bag with a face mask and orange jelly soap which by the way smells divine! I used the face mask this week so post coming soon on that.

Next was crystalclear a brand I had never heard of before but after chatting to them discovered that they will soon be launching in Debenhams in November, how exciting!  We received 2 products a 10 minute glow mask and lift away the years.  When I googled these products I was amazed at the results, this is a serious skincare brand with serious results.  Can't wait to give them a go!

Tropic Skincare was next and if you have followed my blog for a while then you know that I have used their products in the past and their body scrub is the best invention ever in my eyes, never come across anything that came close since, amazing.  You can view my original post here.  Aime had lots to offer including their new makeup range which I have heard great things about.  She also has some Christmas gifts in there too, like a body oil that is solid and when you place into your bath it melts and creates a gorgeous body oil, Aimee said that this way there is less waste which I didn't know.  I don’t often take baths but this sounds amazing!  Thinking it would be a great present for someone who loves there baths.

Cocoa Brown was next and you really couldn't miss them, pink sign, pink table, pink product and the girls were dressed in…yip you guessed it pink!  Been seeing this tan pop up more and more recently so I was excited to learn more from the brand.  Marissa Carter created the brand due to having skin issues and noticing that other tans didn't look great on her.  So she decided to create her own and Cocoa Brown was born! We were provided with a can of the 1 hour mousse, a mitt and tough stuff scrub.  All the products are priced under £10 which is amazing value. 

Mallzee was next, a social shopping app that lets you shop and interact with your friends.  You first create a style profile with a few questions and then you are good to go.  The app works on the basis of you telling it what you do and don’t like so it’s always learning as you go.   The more you interact with it and tell it what you like the more it provides you with items it thinks you would like.  To interact with social media you can also send items to friends to rate and vice versa.  You can purchase straight from the app and they already have some huge names signed up already like Motel, Timberland, Mango to name but a few!

If you attended the FABB event, leave your link in the comments for me to read over :)


  1. I had a great day! Did you have any of the fudge from Mallzee? It was amazing.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. yea! I don't like fudge but it was really good x

  2. This was a great event! I just took a look at your sisters blog too, your so alike! apart from the hair :) x

    Kirsty Rockit Style

    1. it was great! ha really! We don't think we do but other people do say it a lot x