Thursday, 1 August 2013


Beauty Works Fishtail head band £12.99*

Following on from part 1 of my beauty works inspired festival hair (click here if you missed it) now it's time for part 2.  This look features the fishtail headband in the same colour as before 613/27.  I created a few different looks using this piece.  

For the first look I used my beauty works double volume hairpiece (link here to my previous post) and put this into a plait and then used the headband to cover the join.  As you can see it covers my hair perfect and is a perfect colour match (if you are unsure what colour you are send the girls at beauty works a message on twitter and they will match you up.)

Next  I just used the piece as a headband with my hair down and straight.  My own hair is very fine and thin so I would never be able to plait my hair like this so the headband adds a great bit of bulk and texture to my own hair.

As I said above my own hair is very fine so to get the classic top knot I just tied this around my own mini hair bun and then wrapped it around itself.  I was actually just trying a lot of different things and never though this would work but I was pleased by it.  Again I could never get so much texture using just my own hair and I think this makes a perfect top knot, especially for someone who is not able to pull of one on her own! 
I loved using the Beauty Works products to create festival hairstyles and can't wait to get my hand on some more of their fab hairpieces! They are quick, easy and very natural looking so go have a sneaky peak on their website!

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  1. That looks really good and such a perfect colour match to your hair!

    Helen x