Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Body Shop Jasmine And White Frangipani Scented Candle

Scented Candle - The Body Shop £10*

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at the Bodyshop to review this candle, being a huge lover of candles and never even knowing that Bodyshop had a  candle range I was really excited to try it out. 
Described as A luxury candle with the exquisite floral aroma of jasmine and white frangipani , me and floral are not usually 2 words that go together.  I like fruity clean scents and do normally stay away from floral scents but I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this.
Packaged in lovely box which would be perfect as a gift, this candle is paraffin-free, has an unbleached cotton wick, is presented in a glass jar and is full of essential oils.  As I wasn't aware that Bodyshop had a candle range I was pleasantly surprised to see that you can choose from a variety of aromas designed to revitalise, refresh, uplift, sharpen, invigorate and soothe the senses, including aloe and soft linen, green tea and lemon, there are a few options to suit.
On a typical stressed Monday night I thought I would have a nice long shower and lit this candle to give myself a little treat.  It made my usual boring shower a bit more of a relaxing treat and after the candle being lit for 10 minutes or so the scent filled the room.  You can tell this candle is packed full of essential oils as even when this was not lit, I could still smell it in my bathroom the next day, provided a nice subtle scent.  I have never had a candle that still provided a scent when unlit and this is definitely a good thing!
Really strong scented candles often give me a sore head after time and I know this would end up doing the same so I only burn this for around an hour or so.  My husband loves strong scents more than me so he really loves this candle, every time he walked into the room where it was lit he would comment on how nice it was.
I have lit this around 4 times, cutting the wick each time I re-light and I noticed that it doesn't burn evenly, it burns straight down the middle leaving wax around the sides which is not ideal, not sure if I am doing something wrong, I know there is proper candle aftercare so maybe I should be doing something different to stop this from happening.  It does provide a nice effect as you see a nice glow through the wax but I would imagine this means you get less burning time from the candle so if anyone could provide me with some tips on how to prevent this, it would be much appreciated.
Overall, I really like everything about this candle, and although the scent is not normally something I would re-purchase or purchase myself I have spotted a few more in the range that I would be interested in.


  1. This sounds gorgeous! I absolutely love candles but the Body Shop in my town closed down so I always forget about them!

    Regarding it not burning evenly, the first time you light it you have to leave it burning long enough for it to reach the sides, otherwise it will just tunnel down leaving wax around the edges. That's the only thing I can think of as to why it doesn't burn properly! xo

  2. I love the body shop candles, they smell amazing! I also found that mine only burnt down the middle, which was annoying :(


  3. I wasn't aware the body shop had candles either! I am a bit of candle lover too so will have to try these out! :)


  4. it sounds really nice, i think i will have to try it :)
    leyla xx

  5. I love this scented candle! I have a few Body Shop ones at home.. I also looove your blog design! So cute :) now following you. x


  6. I got given a body shop candle for christmas a couple of years ago and I loved it! I always forget about them but this has reminded me I need to repurchase!

    Thanks for sending over your link, sorry it took me so long to check your blog out!
    It's great, now following!