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Morblas Seafood & Grill at Hilton Glasgow

Last night I was invited along to the launch of the new menu at Morblas Seafood & Grill at Hilton Glasgow, being a huge lover of seafood and food to be honest this is right up my street!   Morblas is derived from the Gaelic words for "Great" and "Taste". At Morblas the food concept meets this description perfectly, offering fresh, modern and accessible food.

We were greeted with a choice of bubbly or a lovely mocktail which I had a few of and were very nice! 
Tasting Menu
Main Menu
Restaurant | Very Berry | Tweeting Big Screen

Me and my sister arrived a little late so missed some of the tasty treats including prawns and scallops which we were most excited about! Will just need to go back now to try them out as word at the event was they were to die for!

First up for us was the Slow Roasted Ayrshire Pork Belly Braeburn apple mash and wilted kale £15.00 - This was delicious full of flavour and the apple mash was really good, I didn't expect it to be as good but it was just a subtle hint of apple, it complimented the pork perfectly.

Next we moved on to the Butchers Handmade Burger with Shoestring Fries £14.00, this comes with additional extra such as; Smoked Applewood Cheddar cheese £1.50, with bacon £1.50 with cheddar cheese and bacon £2.50.  I don't often eat burgers but this was tasty and smoky, full of flavour, can't wait to try a full size!

Spring Pea and Wild Garlic Risotto Crisp parmesan basket (v) £14.00 was next for us and something I initially didn't think I would like but being a huge garlic lover decided to try it out and I was pleasantly surprised, not sure if I would choose as a main course as I am not too keen on a full portion of risotto but this really was a little tasty treat.  If you like risotto and garlic then this would be right up your street.

Next up was the Tagine of Scottish Winter Vegetables Chick peas and Israeli couscous (v/h) £12.00, this was a full flavour almost curry and was excellent, I am not the biggest lover of middle eastern flavours but this was really good, think there are usually a few spices I don't like so this puts me off but again I was lovely and with the mini nan bread and couscous it was a perfect little dish
Pork Belly | Mini Burgers | Pea Risotto | Tagine Vegetables

Next up was Steak; I don't often eat red meat as I don't enjoy the texture but WOW!! This steak was amazing! I have never ordered steak before and if I ever did I would chicken out and order it well done so when I spotted this rare/medium steak I thought why not, just try it, and I am so glad I did! For me it was the best of the night, smoky, tasty and so soft.  Morblas actually have a butcher in house so all meat is hand prepped in the Hilton and I can see how this really makes the difference. 

These are the selections of steaks available and as you can see, there are a few lovely choices to pick from!

A selection of prime Scottish 28 day aged Aberdeenshire cuts from our butchers block especially picked for your pleasure.
18oz T-Bone (g)   £39.00
10oz Sirloin (g) £25.00
8oz Fillet (g) £27.00
10oz Ribeye (g) £21.00
8oz Flat Iron (g) £14.00

Next up dessert!  Before I arrived I thought we would receive really small portions and I would go home hungry but boy was I full! So full I didn't think I could manage dessert but after a stern word with myself I said it would be best for the purpose of this review to taste all the desserts, so you’re welcome! ha!

First up was Lemon Tart with Raspberries and cream £5.50, I have only ever ate Lemon Tart once and I really enjoyed it so when this was put in front of me I was excited to try it out.  This was a light lemon tart with a real zingy filling and perfect pastry; it just melted in your mouth.  If you like a full flavour zingy lemon tart this is for you!

Next was Rhubarb and Vanilla Crumble Clotted cream and custard £6.00, I  have not ate rhubarb since I was a child when my great gran would grow it and we would pick it and dip into sugar so as I had never tasted it for so long I was looking forward to trying it again.  For me this was to bitter for my taste buds, this was my least favourite from the samples but it seems I was alone with that as the rest of my table said it was a big winner.  I really enjoyed the crumble part and happily tucked into that. 

Next up was Sticky Toffee Pudding Clotted cream ice cream and vanilla shake £6.50, this was the last dish and initially we missed these and when we asked the lovely waiter Saajan if we could possibly try this he said the kitchen was now closed so we all looked at him with sad face!  Then from nowhere as the night was closing he brought out a full tray of them, so we got a cheeky snap with him, again amazing service from the Hilton!  These sticky toffee puddings where everything I would imagine, soft, sticky, moist, delicious!  Perfect end to the meal.

Sticky Toffee Pudding | Steak | Lemon Tart | Rhubarb Crumble

From this experience I realised that I am actually fairly picky and that is why events like these are perfect as you get to try things you wouldn't normally choose and actually see that you enjoy them, like steak!  I now feel I could go to Morblas and be spoilt for choice! It would be too hard for me to pick a dish so I see a few trips on the cards in the near future.  As always the service, staff and manager where all excellent and we really did receive first class treatment.  There is always a nice atmosphere at the Hilton and it almost makes you feel at home, it’s relaxed and comfortable for you to enjoy every minute of your visit.

Having never ate in a Hilton Restaurant before I was expecting expensive and pretentious dishes to be severed but instead this new menu showed that the Hilton is all about the best sourced simple food that tastes amazing, they took a few classics and made them pop and also added in a few new twists to the standard choice, perfect combination.  The prices charged I feel are great value for money and certainly not too expensive, most samples we tried are £14 and under for main courses which is excellent value for money! We had a Q&A with the Head Chef and he said these are just simple dishes sourced from the best suppliers and treated properly, there is no pretentious food here, and this is honest food that everyone loves and with the Hilton’s spin on them, they are taken to the next level, you need to visit Morblas soon, you won’t regret it!
When we arrived last night we were all given the hashtag #eatandtweet so if you follow the Hilton on Twitter you will see all the amazing pictures from the night, it was a great way of interacting and all the tweets from the night appeared on the big screen, very fancy!
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