Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Amore Glasgow Review

If you regularly read my blog and follow me on Instagram (username is paulahunter100 if you don't) then you know I love food and 90% of my instagram is food pictures. I just love food, the prep, the cooking and of course the eating! So when I go to a new place to eat I like to let you know what I think. This is a mini review for now as the lighting where I was sitting wasn't great and my pictures are not the best so I will return (if you insist!) to get better pictures and provide a more in depth review.

Amore is an Italian pizzeria restaurant based in Merchant City in Glasgow. In September 2008 it opened its doors at 30 Ingram Street, just off High Street and until my recent visit I had never been before even though I had heard such good things from friends and family.

Friday my granddad was turning 70 so after looking for somewhere to eat in town we decided on Amore as it is deemed the perfect place to have a big celebration meal.

When we arrived it was packed full and had a really nice atmosphere, like the perfect Friday Feeling! So 10 of us all went in and sat down to celebrate my granddads birthday. Having a look over the menu was a challenge as we were spoilt for choice; the menu was over a huge 3 fold card and even me loving food so much I was a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. They have starters, pizza, chicken, steak, fish, burgers, pork, pasta and rice. I just glanced over at my husband and noticed the fear and confusion in his face when looking over the menu; he had no idea where to start looking. It is nice to have choice but I do feel there is maybe to many things on there. I must have picked 4 different main courses before I decided on one. Some people may love a lot of choice but for me it was a little too much choice.

For starter I ordered Hot Chilli Gamberetti £6.95 which is Mediterranean fresh king prawns in chilli, garlic, lemon juice and spring onions on a slice of toasted Italian bread. This was absolutely delicious and very spicy, I love spice so for me this was perfect. The prawns were really fresh and the lovely spicy juices soaked into the bread.   You can also order this as a main course with rice which I would like to order next time!

For main course I ordered  Frittura di Pesce £12.95 Deep fried squid and king prawns served with a wedge of lemon.  On the menu it states to come with a side of potatoes and vegetables but mine came with chips and salad.  As you can see from the picture this was a huge portion stacked with prawns and squid.  This came with a pot of sauce, tartar sauce maybe but I don't like sauce so for me this was a little dry, but completely my own doing since I don't like mayo based white sauces.

I didn't manage to squeeze in a pudding which I was sad about as I do love a pudding so instead opted for a nice french martini £5.50 instead and it was delish!  Perfectly made and went down a treat!  

All in all I was happy with my food and can't wait to return to try more of that huge menu out!

You can find out more about Amore at www.amoreglasgow.co.uk 

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