Wednesday, 10 April 2013

17 Fast Finish Catwalk Couture

17 Fast Finish Nail Polish -

Well think my nail polish drought is now well and truly over!  For the past few months I did go through a stage of not painting my nails at all so glad I am back in the swing, taking pictures of nail swatches is my favourite thing. 

I do love a teal nail so recently picked this up from Boots and for £2.99 thought I have nothing to lose.  Catwalk Couture from 17 or SEVENTEEN on the Boots website is a gorgeous teal with tiny silver shimmer running through it.  This is the fast finish range, their quick drying formula.  Even though I do love the colour a lot the application wasn't to great.  The brush is thick and straight which I feel makes it harder to get into the edge without making a mess, I purposely left my nails un-corrected to show you how it applied, as said before I am usually really good and only if a brush and formula are not to great then I will make a mess and on this I did.  Since it's a fast dry formula you need to work really quick and load a lot on the brush which means that you start of with 1 thick coat as I found it impossible to paint 1 thin coat as I normally do.  For £2.99 this wouldn't really put me off purchasing again, I know though that I do need to take more time for application but given they have a nice shade range I would pick one up again.

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