Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Benefit Fake up Concealer*

Fake Up*

Last night I was invited to an event by Benefit for their new Fake Up launch.  The event was held in House of Fraser, Glasgow (which is the best selling Benefit counter in Europe, don't you know!).

I am going to put my hands up here and openly admit, that I have never owned a Benefit product before! I know I know, the shame!! With so many different ranges and products I think this sort of overwhelmed me and I would often walk past the counter and feel far to spoilt for choice to actually make a decision! So now after attending last nights event I feel more at ease with picking up the right product for me so Yay for Benefit!

When we arrived last night we were kindly greeted with pink champagne, strawberry's and some lovely canapés, then the girls got right in too it!  No stopping these girls, they have tons and tons of energy!  Lisa Potter Dixon who is Head Make up & Trend artist (& Brow Expert) for Benefit cosmetics kicked us off by showing us how to apply and giving us some hints and tips on how she used this product at Matthew Williamson Show at London Fashion Week. you can see more on benefit at LFW here.

So let me get into this little tube of wonderfulness! This is a concealer, but not like any other concealer.  This non drying, super smooth, super hydrating, crease controlling and it’s long lasting, thumbs up so far?? Yay!!

This little silver swavvy gorgeous luxe tub is loaded with a hydrating ring of apple seed extract and vitamin E and a smooth light diffusing concealer, so you can be rest assured that this will not dry out your skin or flake at all.  Unlike most concealers that you cannot put on fine line areas, this has crease control built in so doesn't settle into this pesky wrinkles so it’s perfect for everyone, nothing worse than applying concealer for it to sink into every line and then cause a whole other makeup dilemma!  Available in 3 shades, 01 Light, 02 Medium and 03 Dark these are varied enough to suit most skin types.  At first when I looked at all 3, I thought I would only use the light being typical Scottish pale skin but after having a play around I discovered that I would also get a lot of use out of the medium and dark to, especially when I do have a bit of a tan and want to use it to contour.

To apply them I dab (technical term of course!) some under my eye and then with my ring finger I gently patted into the skin,  believe you me, this is theee most softest silky smooth product I have ever used on my face, it feels like butter on the skin, and instantly glides on with no problem what so ever.  This highly pigmented concealer really does a great job and on me lasted all day, which is around 8 hours.  Even throughout the day when I would do the dreaded lunch time makeup check (we all do it right girls?) this was still sitting perfectly under my eyes and so light weight that It didn't feel like I was wearing anything, which for makeup is always a good thing, you never want anything heavy and chalky under your eyes.

This is me after it being on for 8 hours, still fully intact, not sinking into my lines, no flakiness, no dark circles showing, so from me a BIG THUMBS UP!! 

Benefits Fake Up will be available nationwide on 30th March and will retail for £18.50 so girls, get your cash ready!  I am now officially hooked on Benefit products and can't wait to pick up some more little beauts  in the very near future!

For more information on Fake up you can visit Benefits website here, and remember, fake it till you make it!

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  1. Oooh I went to the Newcastle event tonight and I'm SO excited to try them :) they sound amazing & are so creamy when swatched! Xx.

    1. They are so creamy, like any other concealer I have tried, not thick and cakey either :)

      Aww nice, enjoy! xx

  2. I've been waiting to read a review on this! It sounds amazing, I can't wait to go to a counter at the end of the month and try it for myself!



  3. This sounds awesome! I love Benefit's Erase Paste and it looks so amazing under your eyes! I will def, def, DEF, have to pick this one up! Thanks for the review :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. Oh I have heard of this but never tried it, may give it a try, fakeup is great as its hydrating x

  4. these sound great!



  5. ooo I SO want to try this out! I definitely would love to have this in my beauty bag! <3
    Thanks for sending your link via twitter, your blog is great!<33

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  6. Awe, so lucky you got to go to a Benefit event :) I always love Benefits products and their packaging! Everything looks so nice..! I´ll definitely be purchasing this in my shade :)

  7. This concealer looks amazing :) The moisturing band is such a clever idea
    x Esme