Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The little things that keep me sane


Like everyone, eating good has it's ups and downs.  For me I think balance is the key and these are some little treats that keep me amused!

This is a mix of healthy and naughty snacks that keep me on my toes.

Crisps / Carb Snacks

Crisps have always been my downfall, I love them.  I have never been the biggest chocolate lover so when choosing between them, crisps always win and they are generally less calories than chocolate.
Snack a Jacks sour cream and chive has been a favourite of mine for years, only 92 calories they are so flavorful and tasty (available in Morrissons and Asda 60p a packet).
Popcorn, I do love popcorn, but it's usually at the cinema and a whopping 700 calories a portion! So I am forever searching for a lower calorie alternative, I really like Boots Popcorn, under 100 calories a bag it's a great swap for me! (Available from Boots around 70p)
Special K Crackers have not long hit the shelf's and when I spotted them on special offer last week I decided to give them a try, they are really nice and me and hubby managed to make our way through the box while watching a DVD but as they are relatively low in calories compared to Doritos or Sensations then they did make the perfect snack. (Available in Morrissons).  At 95 calories per 21 crisps you can sit with a bowl of them and not feel to much guilt. I purchased them for £1 but think full price they are around £2

My 11am Snack

Special K Cereal Bar - I normally eat breakfast at 7.30 and take my lunch around 1.30 so having one of these at 11 fit in perfectly for me.  They are a little satisfying snack for under 100 calories.  They are currently on offer at Morrissons for £1 for a box of 5 so I stocked up on these.  Mint and Chewy are my favorites just now, they keep my tummy happy :) I got mine from Morrissons

My 4pm Snack

Special K Biscuit Moments - I recently just discovered them while browsing through Morrissons and for a late afternoon snack they are perfect.  For under 100 calories you get your afternoon munch fix while not being to hard on your diet so when everyone else in the office is eating digestives and custard creams you don't feel so left out having these little treats.  Available from Morrissons for £1.98 a box (although most of the time they are on offer)

Nuts and Seeds

I do love nuts and as they are very good for you also this makes me happy.  Although generally they are high in fat, it's good fat so not all bad.  I still limit my portions of these though as a small handful can equate to around 90 calories...yikes! Seeds are also a nice treat for me to have.   For a nice change I fried them off in some fry lite spray with chilli and paprika and they were a lovely spicy snack. 

Herbs and Spices

These are my daily essentials when it comes to cooking.  I love spice and will try and put it on everything! A little shake of one of these gems and you have yourself a tasty healthy meal full of flavour.  Without these I would be lost!  I add them to soups, rice, chicken, salads.  To add more flavour to even the most boring thing like cauliflower I sprinkle on some spices and then roast in a hot oven for 15 minutes and they are transformed into a wonderful tasty side dish.

Condiments / Sauces

My holy grail when it comes to cooking is toasted sesame oil, its theee best thing ever! Being a huge lover of Chinese food I cook a lot of it and this just helps everything along.  Give everything a real pow of flavour, I can't live without this. Soy sauce is also a major staple in my kitchen, I use it almost daily and go through way to many bottles that I care to mention!  Garlic oil is really just a cheats way to get flavour but its great, I love garlic and using this instead of normal oil instantly provides you with a great base, I also often use it in my salads and it makes plain old lettuce come alive!

What are your favourite treats?

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  1. Great post! I am always looking for healthy and low calorie snacks now I'm on mega-diet! Some of my favs are the Go ahead crispy slices! Crisps are my weakness too though and I keep meaning to stock up on some of the Boots ones.

    Sadly I had to cut out oil entirely because it's sooo high in calories :( I was happy to discover soy sauce and fish sauce was low though as combined they make a nice flavouring for stir frys and oriental soups.

  2. You should try Nakd bars, their chocolate orange one tastes just like a chocolate orange!!! x