Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick - Shocking Pink


Shocking Pink by name, Shocking Pink by Nature.  

I'v had this for a while but it's such a gorgeous colour I had to write about it.  It seems like this colour is no longer available on the Boots website but when I was in store the other day I noticed these so you may still be able to get a hold of it.

Last year was my time for experimenting more and this was my first bright lipstick purchase.  Before this lipstick I was a pale sheer pink gloss kind of girl.  

The thing I love most about this lipstick is the lasting power, as it's a strong colour I only need to apply this once on a night out and that's it, lasts all night.  Someone once said to me, "your lipstick always looks so perfect, do you re-apply it a lot?"  Of course, the answer is no, this just has great grip to my lips.  Even when I remove it I still wake up in the morning with stained lips. This smoothe lipstick is not drying and feels very silky on my lips.

This is a strong bold pink and there is no shying away from it.  I love it! 

This is my 4th Rimmel Lip product and I am very happy with them,  I have been thinking I may pick up a few  more Kate Lipsticks and give them a try, maybe I will even pick up a colour that's not pink!

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  1. Oooh the colour looks awesome - really compliments your skintone and the blonde hair. I've never tried a Rimmel lip product before but this sounds great - my major bugbear with lipsticks is if they are drying on the lips, so good to hear this isn't!

    Lynne x


    1. You should give rimmel a try Lynne, love their lippies! Xx

  2. Such a lovely colour! How dya get your teeth so white?!

    1. Em dunno, they are just white haha if that makes sense. I don't do anything to them apart from brushing x

    2. Haha I'm jealous. I drink to much diet coke x

  3. This looks gorgeous on you, looks perfect with your blonde hair :)


  4. I love Rimmel lipsticks and this looks like a good one - it looks fab on you!

    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog

  5. This is a gorgeous colour on you!! Really lovely :)


  6. I remember buying this lipstick 3 years ago for my college leaver's ball and it has been my favourite ever since! really suits us blondes :) lovely blog! xx