Saturday, 16 February 2013

MUA Matte Perfect Range - Foundation and Powder

As my previous posts show, I am usually a great lover of MUA products. I think for the value they are really amazing and love how they are constantly improving their products in line with current trends.

I never like to give anything a negative review and more see it as something that doesn't work for me personally.  First, let me give you some background, I have oily skin, very very very oily skin.  I can’t go more than 4 hours without the dreaded shine hitting my face and my need for some sort of matte product to control the oil. If I don’t powder my face after 5/6 hours, I look like a huge oily slimy mess so I think my skin is on the extreme side of oily.

Matte Perfect is a new range from MUA launched a few weeks ago consists of foundation, available in 3 shades, translucent loose powder and a face primer.  For all under £4 MUA have once again been working hard at development of their brand and products so when I seen this launch I instantly snapped up the foundation and powder.

Matte Perfect Foundation | £2 | Available here at MUA online.

A light to medium coverage foundation, depending on what type of skin you have, I like the texture and feel of this foundation. I applied it 2 different ways, brush and fingers and both provided me with the same result.  After 1 layer on my skin my blemish scars were still noticeable so I used concealer to cover over as I do prefer a more medium to full coverage look.  If you don't have many blemishes or scars then this would probably have a better finish on you.  It's a thick formula but still  build-able so if you feel you need a little more coverage then I see no issues with being able to do this.  I picked the shade fair which was perfect for me, I must admit I was hesitant when choosing online but was pleasantly surprised when I applied it to see it was a great match.

So, it claims to keep you shine free all day and did it??? No.  Keep shine at bay all day is the wording on the packaging which for me would be around 8 hours but I only got to 3/4 before the shine appeared and I had the lovely attractive melting look!

As I said above, I am not saying this was a terribly bad product; it just didn't work for me.  I think if you just have slightly oily skin then for the price, this would be a great little product to try.  To use it up I tend to wear it at the weekends when I am out shopping, gives enough coverage for a casual look and when I apply it with my fingers it takes seconds. 

I did take a picture of my face after 5 hours and no powder but think I will leave that for now.  Don't want to frighten anyone :)

Matte Perfect Powder | £2.30 | Available here at the MUA Online store

Described on MUA's website as an extremely lightweight sheer and silky setting powder that fixes your foundation in place, perfect for minimising oiliness and unwanted shine this product seemed right up my street and I was excited to try it out.

I use it after applying my foundation and it does set my makeup and keeps me shine free for 4 hours and for £2.30 you really can't go wrong with this.  

It's a really fine powder that does take shine away instantly and doesn't sink into pores and lines.

Have you tried the Matte Perfect Range?

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  1. I know it's kinda made for people with oily skin, but how do you think it will be for someone with dry skin (like me)? I need something to set my concealer :) You probably don't know, it's okay.. :D

    1. It might cling a little to the dry spots, not sure if it would be ok for dry skin x

    2. Yeah, okay ;) Thank you for the answer anyway ;) I'll maybe add one to my next order. If i dont like it, it's only 2,30 £ after all :P

  2. Ooh I've been meaning to buy something from this new MUA range. I may have to pick some bits up now:) Great review xx

  3. I recently bought the foundation tho havent gotten round to trying it yet. I love MUA's products tho, they are amazing! xx

  4. I forgot my foundation when I was at work so had to nip into Superdrug to get one and I thought I'd give this a go.
    I didn't find it that great either, my skin is normal, not oily at all but my skin was weird and shiny straight away even after using a powder.
    I thought it was really similar to the first formula of the 17 bb creams. Def not matte.