Thursday, 7 February 2013

35 Random Facts About Me

I have seen this tag floating around and thought it would be interesting to do.

So here goes...

  1. I don't like cats, in fact I a not really an animal lover at all
  2. Chinese is my favourite food, homemade or takeaway
  3. I am addicted to serial killer/crime tv shows, Dexter, CSI, Criminal Minds
  4. I worry far to much
  5. When I was younger I had a huge Mark Owen poster above my bed that I would kiss at night (ahhh cringe!)
  6. The first time I ever wore makeup was when I was 21, and I never started to wear it daily until I was 23
  7. Me and my husband have been together for 10 years, boy does that makes me feel old!
  8. I am told that I am very organised even though I don't feel like I am.  Think it's because I have a few areas where I need to be organised so sometimes my own personal home life doesn't get as much attention
  9. Popcorn is my favourite snack
  10. Hot chocolate is my favourite drink
  11. I love the Real Housewife's of New York
  12. I have a wheat intolerance
  13. I love to cook and have been since I was about 18, homemade is best I say
  14. One of my friends calls me Garcia from Criminal Minds because I can find everything, I will not rest until I find it ha
  15. Google is my best friend, If I don't know something I need to find it out, I will literally not sleep until I find the answer
  16. Only 2 people in my life call me Polly and it was the inspiration for my blog name
  17. I love reality TV, The Hills, Towie, Made in Chelsea you name it, I watch it
  18. I have 1 little sister and she is in the process of starting her own blog yay!
  19. I'm not the biggest lover of red meat and usually stick to chicken and fish but can go most days without eating meat and not even noticing
  20. I'v always had a major girl crush on Jessica Simpson and I was obsessed with newlyweds when it was on TV
  21. Home Alone is my ultimate Christmas movie
  22. I annoy the life out of my friends as they call me the secret photographer, I am always sneakily taking pictures they don't even know about mwuaaaaaaaa (I love photography and capturing moments and memories)
  23. I have been in the same job for 9 years
  24. I passed my driving test when I was 26
  25. New York is my dream holiday destination
  26. I am addicted to spice, I put chilli on everything
  27. I love making meals to freeze them, especially soup, this sounds very geeky but I get true satisfaction from batch cooking and then knowing there is fresh meals in my freezer
  28. I love girly nights out
  29. When my husband leaves the empty toilet roll on the holder it really gets my goat
  30. Boots is a 5 minute drive from my house and I spend waaaaaay to much time in there!  
  31. I love cocktails
  32. Last year me and my husband went to Egypt for the first time and it was our favourite holiday, we hope to go back soon
  33. I hate trying on clothes as i'm never happy with how I look so this just makes me feel bad about myself
  34. I'm 5"1
  35. I love food and will try anything once, my family see me as the adventurous one, they always look and see what i'm ordering

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  1. I hate it when people leave empty toilet rolls too! x

  2. I love Chinese food too! Maybe a little too much haha x

  3. I love Criminal Minds - best show ever!

  4. Ooh that's so exciting for your sister :) I really wish I was more experimental with cooking, that's got to be a goal for 2013!! Lovely post :) I did mine over on my youtube channel here :) -

    Lynsey xxx

  5. So many things we have in common lol Thanks for checking out my post, yours is great too, I love posts like nosey haha x