Saturday, 12 January 2013

My Favourite Scents

I have seen these posts on favorite perfumes a few times and I find them really interesting and the fact that I am nosy so thought it would be nice for me to do my own.

Perfumes are something that I have always loved and before I bought my house and had financial freedom I used to purchase almost a bottle a month, both me and my husband have always been kind of obsessed with perfumes.

I would always get lots of perfume for my Christmas but the past few years I only got 1 or 2 bottles meaning that in March this year I had a crisis, I didn't have any bottles of perfume left, not one!

So this year I had to make sure I got some new ones and in total I got 6 bottles, yay!

These are what I am currently loving just now.

This is a perfume that I didn't know existed until November then I was in love.  Me and my mum spent way to many Thursday nights in Boots over Christmas and while in there, I spotted this while droooling over the YSL counter.  I mentioned to my husband that I liked this perfume and then forgot all about it and then on Christmas day opened a lovely box and it was this!! I was completely over the moon.  It came gorgeously packaged with a mini bottle with wallet perfect for my handbag.  Its a sweet scent that is strong but not to strong, it will see you through the day no problem.  I'm saving this for nights out and special occasions.  I don't know about you but I put fragrances into category's, work, day, and night.  

The thing that attracted me to this was the bottle, it's absolutely stunning, black full glitter heart with a crown lid, could anything be any more girly?  Even thought the bottle is so stunning I would never purchase it unless it had a lovely smell also and it does.  When me and mum were browsing through Boots I clocked my eyes on the bottle and had to go over for an inspection.  I loved the smell so my mum bought it for me as part of my Christmas.  As the bottle was soo amazing my mum didn't think I actually liked the scent and even on Christmas day asked me if I liked the smell.  I do, its soft and sweet and is going to be a night perfume.  

This is and always will be the most special perfume I have ever owned.  This is the perfume I purchased for my wedding day.  As this bottle and scent is so special to me I only ever use it on very special occasions, .  There is only a teeny tiny bit left so I have kept the bottle as it's a great memory, I had never owed it before the wedding and now when ever I smell it, it instantly takes me back to my wedding day. Its quite a strong scent but its absolutely gorgeous.

Hugo Boss Orange is one of those cult fragrances that everyone seems to love.  For about 6 months everyone I spoke to seem to own or want this scent.  This was a lovely gift from my mother in law for my Christmas and I love it,  its a day perfume so I have been enjoying wearing it to work.  Its not really strong, its fresh but you can still smell it hours later.

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  1. Aw that's lovely that you have kept your wedding perfume, it's amazing how smells can take you back in time. The Vera Wang bottle is beautiful I will need to have a skoosh of this! X

    1. I know, think this is why I love perfume so much, they always remind me of a time or memory. Its the most gorgeous bottle I have ever see, stunning, need to make sure I have it on show :) xx

  2. I have original Vera Wang Princess but the bottle isn't half as good x

  3. Boss Orange is always a favourite of mine! xo

  4. Flowerbomb is my absolute favourite!

    Danielle xx