Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How I'm Planning to "Get Fit and Feel Epic" My entry to The Black Pearl Blog Giveaway

For most of us, January is the diet month, the month were we all bin the treats and dust of the old gym clothes.   January is the month were you say, this is my time to loose weight and feel fabulous, this is my time to do something about it, to change it all and with every intention in the world, a lot of us including myself fail.

For the past 6 years I'v had an issue with my weight, and I have tried most books, classes, trends etc but the only thing that made me loose what I wanted was my wedding.  It was my mum who said to me a year before my wedding "have you thought about loosing some weight for it?"  Now I know some people might see this as my mum being nasty or horrible but in all honestly, it was the kick I needed.  My mum is an amazing woman and would never ever say anything to hurt me.  In my bubble of life I didn't realise that I had put on about 2 stone in 3 years and since I am only 5 ft 1" then this is a lot on me.  Now when I look back at those pictures I can see that she helped me make the best decision of my life, so thank you mummy.  I don't know what size I would be now if she didn't say anything to me.

But of course being a newly wed and buying a house has took its toll on me and I have almost, put it all back on, 1.5 stones to be exact :( But given that this is over 3 years then its not to bad I would say.  So now its time to get back on it and get back on track, get back to my full happy self, get back to me.

Can't believe I am going to show these side by side, what am I thinking right?? Seeing it online for the world to see is the kick I now need!  I don't want to go back to 2008!  If this doesn't motivate me I don't know what will.

                                                                                                               I want will look like this again!!

2 stone in 9 months is what I lost doing weight watchers and there was no stumble no falling of the wagon just pure dedication to look amazing for my wedding and I'm happy to say I did, I watched my wedding dress come from a size 12 to a 8!  I know some people who have more to loose than me may say I'm fine the way I am or I don't need to loose anything but weight is such a personal thing, I know myself, my own body, my own mind.

I have put off buying clothes for 3 years as I always say, whats the point in spending money when they will not fit me soon?? 2 years later and I still say the same thing, enough is enough, its time for me to feel EPIC (done in the deep mr money supermarket voice!)

This is me at New Year, I felt horrible all night and it gave me a kick!

So 2013 will be my year, I am off for a girls weekend in April so need to look tip top and buy myself a new wardrobe!

Here is my plan:
Eat more healthy - which I am actually very good at when I am in the zone
Exercise more - Me and my sister have started this already :)
Not giving up!
Set mini goals
Get Fit and Feel EPIC!!

I really need a new camera and have the money saved for it but I am not buying it until I reach one of my weight loss goals, I think its important to set a goal and reward yourself preferably not with food! My failure in the past.

I had been thinking about writing this post for a while but Sandra at the Black Pearl Blog (view post) who also writes on (bloggers go skinny) inspired me to face my fear and do it!  So here I am, this is me and I plan to change it all...wish me luck!

p.s If you want to know more about Get Fit and Feel Epic you can view details  On here you can also calculate how much money you can save when you cut back on naughty things, fast food, alcohol etc.


  1. I love this post!
    I'm doing the exact same thing at the minute? I put on about 2 stone whilst at uni and even though people keep telling me I'm not fat it really doesn't help how I feel and I want to Lose that 2 stone!

    It looks like you did an amazing job last time and I'm sure you can do it again and I look forward to hearing about your achievements.
    I love the idea of the little ones and treating yourself with something other than food!

    Good Luck :)

    1. Thanks Amy, nice to hear someone with the same story :)

      Same for me, we know our own body so just keep your goal in mind.

      Was scary to post this, so glad I did it now :)

      Paula xx

  2. I had a very similar experience. I lost weight to look great on my wedding day and I put all the weight back on after the big day. And I know exactly how you feel about being a size 12. I was a size 10 at my smallest and I still wasn't happy and I am 5ft7! There is nothing wrong with being a size 12, but just like you said, you know best what size you want to be and what will make you feel happy!
    What a brilliant post! And you look amazing in the 2009 picture!!! Absolutely stunning!!!

    Thank you for entering the competition lovely x

    1. Thanks Sandra for your comment, was nervous about this post as its so personal but the fact that im not alone and people have similar storys is amazing.

      Life is to short not to be completly happy and anything we can do to get us there surly has to be worthwhile.

      Thanks, very much :) xx

  3. Lovely post. I love your blog design so much, so cute and girly :)

  4. Great post - good luck with your weight loss journey! :)

    I've rejoined at Slimming World where I'm DETERMINED to lose the weight for good, I'm pretty bad for comfort eating but I'm kicking that habit and opting for exercising or just doing something other than eating naughty things to make myself feel better. Plus I have a holiday booked for June as part of my 25th this year and I want to feel good whilst I'm away not feel like I need to cover up because I feel uncomfortable!

    Sarah @ xx

  5. You can do it Polly!! :) Proud sister <3 xxx