Monday, 3 December 2012

Rimmel Stay Matt Foundation Review

Rimmel Stay Matte

I picked this up a few weeks ago and wanted to fully test it out before making a decision on it.  My skin just now is having a terrible time and some days it is so oily I could cry especially if I am in work all day without powder.  I wear my foundation for 10 hours on a work day which is a long time I know.  As I wear it for so long I don't expect miracles but still don't want it to completley slide of my face by lunch!

Looking for an every day foundation I spotted this and for under £6 I decided to give it a go. Its described as a Stay Matte Foundation with up to 12 hours natural shine control.

For me, this didn't last 12 hours of no shine im afraid.  I think without powder I went around 3 hours before shine decided to make an appearence. For the price its ok, but I dont want to powder my face 4 times in one day so for me this was a miss.  As my skin is super oily then maybe this would be better suited to someone who only has slightly oily skin. 

The considetancy of this is thick and as seen above, it blends ok and I would say its light to medium coverage.  Rimmel are my favourite drugstore brand as I own a lot of things from them but in this instance this was a miss.
I would now use this on weekends when Im going shopping or a day in the house when people are coming over so its not a total failure, I just wouldnt re-purchase.


  1. Rimmel can be so hit and miss. I wont be picking this up now!x

  2. I have the same problem as you, my face just turns into a shine-fest if I don't touch up. Best high-street foundation I've tried is 17's Miracle Matte, I managed to last 4 hours before needing a touch-up, and that was only down to being in a hot/steamy environment (work in care and often have to bathe, hence the steam. Sorry if that's TMI!)

    I've yet to find my ideal mattifyer, but let me know if you do! :P xo

  3. I love their powders, but I find that I Can't stand their liquid foundation.