Monday, 24 December 2012

NOTD Candy Cane Nails

Since this year I don't have a cheesy Christmas jumper thought I would do some cheesy nails, so candy cane nails were my inspiration.

This is what I used:

MUA | Shade 5 | £1
W7 | Red Dazzle | £2
Models Own | Snow White | £5
Nail Art | Stars
 First I applied a white base coat, I used Models Own Snow White;

Then I used a dotting tool and put my red and green polish on to a surface so it's easier to work with;

Then just started to draw on lines on each nail, using different widths.  I then added a thick top coat layer and placed the little green stars on my ring finger and put a little more top coat over them to secure in place.

Once I did this I then decided to jazz it up a bit more so added a couple of green stripes to my thumb using the MUA shade 5...

and here is the finished result!  I love it!!

Have you been trying any Christmas Nail Art??

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  1. that's so pretty, i really need to start looking more at w7, they seem to have some lovely colours :)

  2. the range is really good, I was really surprised, just as good as other brands.