Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Candle Love

I have seen a few posts of people sharing their favourite candles so I thought I would share mine, Christmas themed posts are always fun.

Yankee Candles

Christmas Cookie | Large | £19.99
Cherries on Snow | Medium |  £16.99
Red Berry and Cedar | Sampler | £1.80

Christmas Cookie

This is a new one that I picked up this year, I am not sure if it was new released this year but I bought 4 of the large and I love it.  If you like vanilla scents then you will love this.

Cherries on Snow

Having originally owned black cherry I picked this up as I thought it would be a bit different from black cherry but to me it smells exactly the same, I think they just changed the name as its Christmas, all in all a great strong cherry scent.

Red Berry and Cedar

Again a new addition for me.   When I purchased my Christmas Cookie candles I picked up these samples to try them and WOW amazing, my new favourite for sure! I'm not usually keen on Christmas scents like pine, cinnamon and woody spices so love the fact that these 3 are none of these :) 

You can pick up Yankee Candles from Clinton Cards and Online

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  1. I love the Christmas Yankee Candles. x

    1. So good, my mum got me the medium jar of the red berry and cedar so I am a very happy girl! xx

  2. I know your not fond of pine scents, but that's the only candle I burn during December. I looooove the smell of pine!!!

    1. Oh really, I may need to take a better sniff of the pine ones then lol thanks xx

  3. I've decided to try and create a Beauty & Fashion Tips tag and thought you'd like to join in.