Wednesday, 21 November 2012

MUA Eye Primer Review

MUA is a really great affordable makeup brand stocked online and in Superdrug but unfortunately this eye primer does not seem to be available anymore :(

This is the first eye primer I have ever purchased so I don't have anything to compare it with but based on my thoughts, I love it.

MUA Professional Eye Primer

MUA Primer
I really only wear eye makeup when I go a night out so every time I go out I use this and having oily eyelids this works a treat. 

This is one of these products that you know works but sometimes doubt it as you might think oh maybe my eyelids are not oily today or maybe the eye makeup i'm wearing has a really good staying power but let me assure you that it works.  A few weeks ago I came home after a night out and went straight to bed without washing of my makeup (head in hands, sorry bad I know!!) and when I woke up on the Sunday my dark smokey eye was still 100% intact as If I had just done it, then I knew WOW this works!!  I couldn't believe how good my eye makeup looked.

This is a light non greasy formula while melts into the skin and as you can see it leaves no residue.

I'm gutted that it seems to no longer be available as I think I may require a new tube soon will need to keep checking the website to see if they get it back in.

 What is your favourite eye primer?


  1. The Superdrug website is rubbish so they dont have everything there. Check in shops.
    I agree it is a great primer especially for the price x

    1. I got mine from mua online strange that its not even on there anymore,unless they sold out with the recent sale they had xx

  2. Everyone is talking about this primer, I really need to go and buy this. I use an Urban Decay one on all my clients but is a bit pricey so I'll have to try this one out now! Xx

    1. For the price you would expect it to just be ok but it really is great, does what it says on the tin and cheap as chips!

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  4. I'll definitely try this. I'm thr same didn't realise I needed a primer for my eyes until I didn't wear one one day x