Monday, 26 November 2012

Eylure Lash Review - 100 Lashes

Eylure 100 Lashes | Boots and Superdrug

Eylure are my favorite brand of eyelashes, I have used them for years.

I always wear super full 100 as I feel they are perfect for me, not to huge on my small eyes.

Recently I won an eylure competition called #faslelashfriday and they kindly sent me a 100 set and which I was delighted about since 100 is my staple. I always have a good few sets of these in my stash so was nice to add to it.

When you open the pack you will get an instruction and care leaflet, adhesive and the lashes, some newer kits also come with an applicator which is great if you struggle to put these on.

When I open the box I always cut them to size as they are always a teeny bit to long for me.  It is important to cut small sections as you can always take of more but never add back!

You then put a line of the adhesive along the lash line and leave for 30 seconds to make it more tacky.  As the glue is white it's very easy to see it on the lashes, but don't worry it dries clear.

I usually just press onto my lash line and hold for a few seconds with my eyes closed so ensure they are secure, paying more attention to the ends as they are usually the parts that don't stick done as well.

This is a close up of them on my eye, they look very natural.  

As you can see they look lovely and just nice added glam but without being over the top.

Have you tried eylure lashes?


  1. Eyelure lashes are great! Next time I need some I will get a pair of 100 they look lovely on you x

  2. These are lovely! I have been wanting to try some Eyelure lashes for ages now! :) xx

    1. they are so nice, been using them for years, will be doing a post this weekend on the 107's which are fuller x