Monday, 5 November 2012

Empties October

My first empties post, yay!!

I actually didn't think I had many empties until I went through all I had and noticed a few empty ones
 in my stash.

Left to right they are:
Garnier ambre solaire, Batiste dry shampoo, Witch foaming wash, Clinique moisturiser, Lee Stafford hair that doesn't grow past that length, Tresemme hairspray, Witch face wipes.

Garnier ambre solaire - this is one of the first fake tans I ever purchased years ago and I still love it now, I really only use it as a face tanner (and use Fake Bake on rest of me) but past few times I have used it all over as its great for a last minute night out.  It only takes 3 hours to develop and no need to wash off so its perfect last minute one.  I really love the colour on this and would I re-purchase, YES, and I already have, they have changed the packaging so here is old and new packaging.  There are often deals on this so look out for them, I actually purchase the body one for my face as you get a bigger size and its not to much more expensive, just now you can get it from boots here .

Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo -  I'm due to do a new post on this later this week so all I will say is will i re-purchase yes!  You can purchase here.
Witch Foaming Wash - I did a blog on this a week or so ago, you can check it out here I love this product and yes I have/would/will re-purchase.  You can purchase here. Its currently on offer at Asda.
Clinique Moisture Surge - Last year when my skin was dry I had this and really did love it so this year when it ran out my mum kindly purchased it for my birthday but as my skin is now oily the adviser said the surge intense would suit me better now as people think that oily skin means its moistured but usually its not, so intense is for de-hydrated skin which mines in.  You can purchase it from here.
Lee Stafford for hair that doesn't grow past that length - I bought this on a 3 for 2 boots offer over a year ago and since I have 3 kicking about I never actually realise that I have empty ones.  This really works, I may do a blog post on this as I have pictures to show the change in growth to my hair.  If you want to grow your hair and are struggling then I would say this is a must!  Would I re-purchase is a tricky one as my hair has now grown past that length so I feel it has done its job but would highly recommend, you can purchase it here.
Tresemme Hair Spray - This is my favourite hairspray and since this was finished I actually purchased another different brand and now realise that I need this back in my life, its not sticky and has great hold.  I have not yet re-purchase but I will.  You can purchase it from here.
Witch Face Wipes - I try not to use face wipes but when I'm feeling lazy they are great as I keep them on my bed side table.  These wipes are great, they say they help with oil control but as I usually use them at night I cant really tell if this is the case.  I have used a few different brands of wipes and I would say these are my favourite as the are really soft and have a lot of product in them, almost lather up which is nice as so many wipes are really dry and drying to my skin and just feel like I'm wiping my face with a dry paper which isn't so good.  Would I re-purchase, yes.  I'm really loving Which skincare just now, will need to check out the rest of there range.  You can purchase them here.

Thanks for reading!

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