Wednesday, 28 November 2012

17 Blush Review - First Kiss

17 Blush

When it comes to blush I'm a pink girl, always have been. I have fair skin and blonde hair so I think that colour suits me best.
My makeup purchases are always well thought out except when it comes to blush. For some reason I always buy on impulse and usually just pick something up as I'm out but my past 2 blushes have been by 17 and I was happy with both of them.

First kiss is a strong pink blush with a rose gold tone.  You can build it up or lightly sweep across your cheekbones for a hint of colour.
The rose gold gives a lovely subtle shimmer and really is a gorgeous shade.

It stays on all day and the colour doesn't fade.
For £3.49 you get a really great product and I will be sure to pick up another 17 product in the future.

You can purchase it here.


  1. I think the 17 blushes are over looked. I have the colour nude and love it. This colour looks gorgeous too. x

  2. What a bargain, love the pinky shimmery colour of this x

  3. I use Barry M blusher, looks exactly the same as mac blush but like a quarter of the price :) x