Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rimmel Grey Matter and Models Own Peaches and Cream Review

Until 6 months ago I never ever bothered with nail polish, wasn't really interested in nails and when I tried it in the past it would chip within 30 minutes so I deemed it as failure for life!

Then one day I took an interest and started experimenting and now I'm a complete addict.  Most of my blog will be nails inspired as its something I have a lot of time for and I love sitting for hours practicing new designs and techniques.

Never one to need an excuse to purchase more polish I decided to venture out of my pinks and purples and switch it up.  I purchased Rimmels Grey Matter and Models Own Peaches and Cream.  I am now completely in love with both these colours and when I used them together in a leopard print combo I was officially sold!

I am really impressed with Rimmels 60 second polish and I feel the colour choice are great, the quality is good and the brush is amazing. It's got a nice curved edge which I like.  The models own peaches and cream is a gorgeous pastel peach and I am very happy with the quality of it.

Here is my finished result of leopard print using these two colours together.

You can purchase both polishes from here;

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  1. Welcome to the blogging community! I have just started out myself a couple of weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it already! These nails are fantastic, I myself am a lover of nail art also!
    Good luck with your blog :)

  2. Thanks so much Jayde for the comment and the follow! I have followed back. Love your post from yesterday NOTD I'm just about to post my NoTD for today also xxx

  3. What a cute mani! I really like it. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  4. I love this to, these colours together are perfect together xx

  5. They look amazing!!


    1. I really do love these colours, will need to use them again and mix it up